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More on “Guaranteed Downline Signups”

Original post here: http://www.gogvo.com/blog/more-on-guaranteed-downline-signups

Hey Team

1. If you missed my original post on Facebook about us generating you guaranteed downline signups for your GVO, Pureleverage or Gotbackup business please go watch that video here and then come back to this blog.


So what is still converting and what should you promote?

The best link that continues to convert like crazy is the Secret Pre Launch Invite FREE funnel (Promote this all weekend until Monday night)


Subject Line: CONGRATULATIONS you received a commission.




Last month over 10 000 people took action on my offer below and are now making their first income online!!

They are seeing hundreds of emails with the subject line:

“CONGRATULATIONS you received a commission!”

All simply because they took action and started their business for FREE!!

Claim your FREE Home Based Business visit the link below

>>> http://secretprelaunchinvite.com/get-started-free/index.php?id=YourUserName

–Your Name

(make sure you change YourUserName to your login UserName with us)


From Monday night on you need to promote the next LIVE webinar which will take place this coming Thursday February 18th 2016 at 8pm Eastern. Below is ad copy for that.


Subject Line: How to truly make a full-time income from home!


Simplicity = Income for you


Can you meet me LIVE tomorrow night?

If so please use this VIP link and RSVP now 🙂

>> http://gotbackup.com/webinar_pre_launch.php?id=YourUserName

If you have not yet heard of Gotbackup then please listen in…

Gotbackup is the best unlimited online and secure backup system that every family needs to protect:

[+] All their precious memories like photos and home videos
[+] All important documents like wills and estate planning
[+] Anything and everything!

So look…

If you know anyone with a laptop, a personal computer or a mobile device then you need to see this..

For a limited time you can truly make a full-time income from home by helping others protect their memories!!

We are having a very special VIP (Invite only) webinar this coming Thursday, February 18th 2016 at 8pm Eastern

Please… take just 2 seconds and register for the webinar below

>>> http://gotbackup.com/webinar_pre_launch.php?id=YourUserName

–Your Name



Proof that registering prospects works please see this webinar replay from Thursday, February 11th 2016, it was filled with guests!!


Have a tremendous weekend… Promote hard because Gotbackup.com is still growing exponentially!

–Joel Therien
Founder and CEO

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